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Does this every happen to you....

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  • Does this every happen to you....

    I start the car drive for a bit, notice the check engine light is on and maybe one of the lights on the over head warning system.

    Everything seems to be working ok, turn the car off, back on and all lights are ok.

    What causes this?

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    The "check" light is not a "check engine" light. It simple is calling your attention to the "check" panel located above your rearview mirror.

    This "check" light comes on at startup until you touch the brake pedal. Then goes out unless you have one of the light or fluid problems as indicated in the above panel.

    The "check" light may come on when driving. Again refer to the panel above to see what light or fluid is the problem. Press the check button on the panel and "check" light in the dash goes out, but the warning light on the panel stays on until the fault is fixed.

    There is no check engine light on the E30 M3/S14.
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      I have a coolant light that comes on only at startup. A restart fixes the problem.

      These are older cars, I suspect that the sensor is just tired.


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        Which light in the overhead panel is on?

        Is it the brake light one?

        If it is then you have the same problem I have just fixed.

        It went like this .....Started engine, brake light warning on, which is correct. Press brake pedal and light goes out, again correct. Drive around and the brake light warning light comes on, get long suffering wife to get out and see if a brake light bulb has blown, NO = false warning display.

        It turns out to be a very common problem and is fixed with a new brake light switch. Cost GBP 7 (ish) and about 5-10minutes to swap out the old one and install the new.

        No more false warnings. Apparently the check control portion of the switch starts to fail first and if it is left then the actual brake light portion fails sometime later.
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          the sensors can be old, and sometimes the contacts in the actual panel up top can be bad. in my old e30, id have to press really hard,and up to the right for allt he lights to properly function...

          just do a manual check every so often, and if all seems right, then youshould be ok


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            IMHO, that entire overhead check panel is a pain in the arse. Not only is it usually "wrong", but why in the hell do you need a warning light to tell you you have a taillight out?

            I unplugged it long ago.


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              This is what it's about

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