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Anyone have 15k I can borrow??

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    I've received numerous requests urging me to tell my story. At this point, it would be improper for me to say anything more beyond the following: We all make mistakes, even "the best" of us. Jimmy P. (whom I greatly respect) made this important point earlier in this thread. But I'd like to add to that point. Because mistakes are a given, how we respond to our mistakes is the variable. Our response defines who we are, not our bound-to-happen errs. To that end, I want to give Don every opportunity to make things right. If he does so, then there is no issue to discuss. If he elects not to make things right, then I will consider it an obligation to inform other S14/M3 enthusiasts about my experience. (For the record, I'd be equally obligated to inform others when I received exemplary services or goods.) If it comes to it, I won't need to embellish anything about my experience; the simple facts will be enough. The reader can make up his or her own mind.



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      Originally posted by Ironhead
      Yeah I know he does, but I don't think it's quite the same. Gustave Stroes did a write up on his site about bored throttle bodies. I don't remember the details, but the conclusion was that they were NOT the same as the real thing.

      IIRC he actually dynoed each of them and all.

      done by a different person:

      Throttle Bodies Bored to 48 mm and ported by Don Fields
      The BMW Motorsport Evo III throttle bodies are larger then the 2.3 L units. They have 48 mm butterflies while the stock TB's have 46 mm butterflies. That amounts to almost a 10% increase in cross-sectional area. What Don did is enlarge my stock throttle bodies to accommodate the larger 48 mm butterflies and then port out the rest of the body to match. The result is not quite as free flowing as the Evo III units but it's close. The larger throttle bodies are matched to the larger Evo III intake trumpets to keep things balanced.
      Taylor claims to do more than just boring/honing, whether or not they're equal is not known to me. I didn't see that dyno info on the site.
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        Hey Guys, the main difference is that
        the 46 are small casting and the 48s are
        large casting. the 46s get too thin if you
        bore them exactly to 48, head side.

        There are however the 46 mm rally throttles
        which are the large casting, made for 29.5 mm
        ported head (the 46s are made for
        26 mm ported head). The trumpet side remains
        46 mm. They made 300+ hp with these throttles.

        You could stick with the 46 mm throttle plates,
        but open up the head and the head side of the
        throttles, thats exactly what motorsport racing
        did. Once youve gone to alpha N removing
        the AFM restriction, that would be the mod Id do
        next to improve breathing. The nice thing about these
        throttles is, they are factory, not some hick hack
        someone else did.



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          FWIW, I ordered once or twice from TMS. Will Turner answered all my emails personally
          and promptly. He sent me the items quickly and followed my instructions on shipping
          (for importation reasons to Germany) to the T.

          $15K is not unreasonable at all. I spent quite a bit more than that and that was with me
          getting all kinds of special deals on parts thru BMW and others because Im "local" (much
          like you guys are "local" with all the expensive chevy/GM parts we cant get ).
          I basically got a boat load
          of FREE BRAND NEW parts, that most other people dont replace on a rebuild
          (like new alternator, new starter motor, new cam tray, new engine harness, balanced
          gr. A injectors that retail for 200 euro+tax EACH, etc. etc.)
          I think the only old part in my engine bay is the ignition coil...and the radiator
          is 5 years old. damn that reminds me I need look into that $15K is the norm for
          a fine basic 2.5 rebuild if it using all or nearly all new parts. A sport evo long block
          used to cost 8500 euro + core from BMW. without core its over 10000 euro. Now tack
          on all the peripherals and see what the price comes too. Nowadays, BMW wont build you
          a sport evo long block. You have to buy the individual parts and either build it yourself or
          let someone build it.