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I need help! emissions trouble

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  • I need help! emissions trouble

    Hey guys I'm running out of options i failed emitions once and almost passed and I just put i a new o2 sensor last night and went and tried again this morning and I failed really badly, my car doesn't have cats and it had a recent rebuild. I pretty much failed every part of the test, would my next step be to get a new afm? This is the first time I haven't been completely over joyed with my m3... its a sad sad day. Any input is much appreciated.

    P.S. this was Texas emissions
    1988 M3
    Limited Production
    Canadian Edition
    No. 27 of 45
    sparco braces, eibach springs, bilstein shocks, BMP chip,
    little by little...
    1971 VW Beatle, 1997 VW GTI

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    What were the results? Was there one reading that made you fail or a couple?


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      What is the fuel pressure?

      Have the injectors been cleaned and tested?

      Is the coolant temperature sensor, and related wires, in good condition?

      Is the ignition system in good condition?

      When were the valves last adjusted?

      Have you synchronized the throttle bodies, set the base idle and base CO?

      The AFM is pretty much the second last place to look (just before the ECU). It's really expensive and doesn't fail nearly as often as the other stuff I mentioned above.