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Do I need a new radiator?

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  • Do I need a new radiator?

    hi everyone,

    i need some opinions... i bought my car about 1 1/2 months ago, and before i bought it, i had a shop do an inspection on the car. the shop told me that the car has a small leak in the radiator, and so it should be changed, along with the cooling hoses, and water pump and thermostat (basically, the whole cooling system) since they are the original parts from when the car was bought new.

    My car has 152k miles, so i will definitely change the water pump, thermostat, and the hoses. however, i'm not quite sure about the radiator.

    the leak is small enough so that i never see any leaks on the ground in my garage, and ive been driving the car every day since i bought it with no problems. i wouldn't know at all if the shop hadnt told me. the radiator is also rather expensive to replace, relatively. my dad also told me that there are radiator shops that can repair my radiator. he says it's relatively cheap and they can just do a pressure test and patch up the leaky point.

    so am i better off taking the radiator to a shop to have them repair it, or should i just replace it completely? i wouldn't think that the radiator would be somehting that would wear too badly... im sure i could be wrong though

    i definitely can buy the radiator, but if it's excessive and i can save some money, then i can take it to get repaired.

    please let me know what you guys think. thanks in advance

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    That a tough one. I had a leak in my rad after I bought my car, but now after knowing the engine alot better I dont think I needed it! I still have the old rad and am going to get it tested to see if there are any leaks, but I think in my situation it must have been a loose coolant pipe.
    As for the other stuff, you definatly want to change all that.


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      Replace the radiator....or it will drive you crazy.

      Pinhole leaks are caused by corrosion. Yes, any good radiator shop can repair them, but typically they pop out somewhere else VERY soon. These can be repaired also, but how many times do you want to drain your coolant and pull the radiator? Plus, after two or three leak repairs it would have cheaper to replace the radiator and have many trouble free years....

      Been there, done that.


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        Behr OEM replacement from Taylor Autosport $249
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          Thanks guys; I know where to get a radiator from, but just need opinions on whether I should fix my existing one or buy a new one. ~$250 isn't THAT much money, but it ain't exactly cheap, considering I had to buy a bunch of other parts that were wearing out (mostly suspension components)

          well, keep the replies comin! thanks