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Routing Bimmerworld brake duct hose?

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    Originally posted by TRY ME
    Is this package really worth the price? What I see on the web page, all it is is a adapter instead of the original backing plate, some hoses and clamps and the air intake for the front. I don't see were my money is going. I need extra cooling for my brakes too but not to this price. You can easily create this "package" yourself or have some handy guy do it for you for peanuts and the buy the intakes somewehere else.

    I didn't mean to sound cranky but I myself thought about buying this package until I saw the price and just wanted to tell people that you could probably make this yourself.
    I won the backing plates at SIGFEST last year The rest of my system comes from Pegasus Racing. Generic ducts behind the fog light holes, wire mesh from Home Depot and plain old 3" brake duct tubing.