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Found the source of the loud ass cams........

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  • Found the source of the loud ass cams........

    3 of 4 exhaust header studs on the #4 cylinder are not only gone but broken off........:sosad:


    Tony (Due at VIR this Friday and in need of some good luck)

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    YOU DO NOT NEED TO PULL THE HEAD OFF TO REPAIR THESE- Ok, now I've said it- But I know the diesel truck M3 sound

    If you are good with a set of easy outs you may be able to have some luck with them....there inst a lot of space and hopefully you broke off the 3 that are most easily accessible. When I pulled my header I found that someone had tried to fix an exhaust leak/broken studs and they messed it up.....really deformed the metal-causing an even worse leak that took machining to fix......looks like the people may have gotten crazy w/ an easy out be careful and good luck! If you had the header off could you get onto these w/ something???
    Charley Terhune
    89 Zinno M3- stock 90k miles
    89 Zinno M3- 2.5 etc. etc.


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      Is there any of the stud sticking out which you could get a pair of vise-grips on?

      if not the only otherway is to use the E-Z out method


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        Ha...I knew it. I'm in the middle of replacing those studs right now. It's really not that hard, they are only torqued in there at about 16ft/lbs plus some rust. Your best bet is to drain the coolant from the radiator and overflow tank. Then remove those two metal coolant hoses from right above the header. It's not that labor intensive. You might need to get some of the header studs from underneath but it depends on your situation. I am replacing all 16 of them just so I know what my status is with that stuff. I don't want to have to take it apart every year to replace a few more studs.

        Took me a couple of hours to get it all apart yesterday, and that included me doing some other stuff. My studs should be in sometime this week so I'll have it back together then too.

        You'll probably want to replace your gaskets between the cylinder head and the header as well. If you've got the studs that are broken off you'll probably have to drop the header to get a vise grip on the studs sticking out of the head to extract them. It's not really hard work, just annoying and hard to get to. Good luck, the car will sound 1million times better when you're done. Ask me how I know, my first M3 had a severe case of exhaust leak right there. Hope that helps



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          They are broke off about 1/4" inside. All of the remaining nut/studs are original. Actually the port nearest the firewall is the one in question, and the gasket was actually twisted sidways and blocking the port. Can this have done damage to the valves of that cylinder? If I try to remove all of the other ones will the rusted on nut take the stud(s) out for me? It seems from the SIG archives that some 6mm x40mm allen head stud bolts are the way to go replacing these things. I already have the gaskets, do I just use them dry or put something on each side when installing? Thanks in advance!



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            I dont know if you have to dress the gaskets before putting them in. I would probably just put a little high temp sealant on there just to keep the gasket in place when positioning the header. I should have checked the sig before I bought new studs, those allen bolts might be a good idea, but I bet it's hard to get an allen wrench on some of those because the header starts to curve right where the wrench would go.

            It's a pain trying to get all those off with a ratchet or even an open end


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              Well I got all of the studs out of the head last night

              As soon as the lower flange gasket gets here I can put it all back together:cool:

              Hopefully its not too damn quiet.........I was liking the loud ass noise and smells



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                Come to think of it, that last dyno pull I did was with it sounding like this.......

                What effects would the #4 header being that loose have? Would the exhaust gasket being turned sideways (it was hanging by one stud) and blocking the intended route of the exhaust gas have changed the power very much? Could it have burned up the exhaust valves?



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                  WOW nobaody knows the stud trick?

                  Use the "double nut" approach on a stud to tighten or loosen.

                  You know just thread on two nuts and use the inner one to loosen a stud and the outer one to insert the stud.

                  OK I realize that sometimes when the stud is broken you cannot get two on but it should prove helpful if you decide to convert to wheel studs down the road!




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                    Dam i have the same prob , by my two striped out , but its not that bad yet , i still have to retap and replace with newer ones , im looking into a set that should hold up better , ill keep a post on what i come up with if anyone has the same prob.


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                      In case you didn't know, igomotive (sp?)in Texas has an upgrade kit for the studs. I seem to have lost their URL, though.