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car check in Iowa?

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  • car check in Iowa?

    Anybody close to Pleasentville, Iowa? I'd love to hear a first hand opinion on this car:

    Sounds pretty nice, but for 23K$ it should be close to concourse.

    Thanks, Doug

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    pletty close as in dead on
    A friend will come bail you out of jail, but a TRUE friend will be sitting next to you in the jail cell saying, "Dude, that was focking awesome!"


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      I believe it is an hour and a half away from me. I've been thinking about checking the place out to see what he had for OEM BMW parts. The car has been for sale for quite a while, and maybe people are blinking at the price. There is reported damage on the title which to me means the damage was pretty expensive to repair and that the cost was high enough to require notice on the title as it was at or above the amount at which the damage disclosure law comes into effect. I would not pay that kind of money for a pranged car, no matter how well repaired.

      What made me wonder is that the place Eurowerkz claims to be able to get you your "dream car".
      I'll post if I check it it out on monday.
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        Thanks for the check if you get there!



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          if it needed a new radiator because of a "minor" front end accident, i' guessing the accident wasn't very minor.