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AFM boot Squeeze Problem?

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  • AFM boot Squeeze Problem?

    I have been having the same Rough Idle problem that many people have been having.

    I then accidentally squeezed my AFM boot, that connects to the Air Accumulator, and the idle dropped like crazy, and then picks up once let go.

    The obvious thing is that there is an Air leak, either the boot is cracked along the bottom, the clamps are loose, or anything else.

    Has anyone ever had this problem before and what are other possibilites that might be causing this?


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    Umm, If you squeeze it, you are choking it and it will have difficulty breathing.

    unscrew the two clamps that secure it to the plenum and the AFM and look for cracks or if the clamps have not sealed it properly.
    other possibilities are
    poor condition cap and rotor
    coolant temp sensor
    lambda sensor
    CO out of spec
    TBs out of synch

    Tune up stuff mostly
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      did you squeeze itand hold it for long time, like 10+ seconds, or did you just squeeze it then immediately let it go?
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        The idle drops as soon as i squeeze it and goes back up as soon as I let it go.

        Heres an Update.

        I took apart the Entire Air Intake. First of all, I noticed that my car has the EVO AIR BOX, and where the snorkel connects with the supply from the spoiler, there is about a 2 finger space, is this any cause for concern? or just a fitting problem with the oversized snorkel. Here is a picture from Gustave's site that shows what I mean.

        Secondly, I took apart the AFM, I took a knife and I took off the Top cover. I turned on the car, and the little AFM needle started shaking crazy. A better description would be a pulsating movement of the needle while the car is idleing. I took a look at the needle track and I don't see any disturbances in its path, but as i placed more pressure on the needle, and then pressed the throttle, the engine sound like it should.

        What are some signs of a Faulty AFM? Should the Needle be pulsating like that, or should it be steady?

        I also looked down into the air tunnel, under the AFM, and as I turned the Blades manually, I noticed that the Blades inside didn't set flush against the walls. Are the blades supposed to be Bent at a slight angle inside?
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          1. when you squeeze the boot, the RPMs go down. When you let go, surprise, they go back up. This is normal.

          2. the idle is controlled by the DME, period. The DME will adjust the fuel at idle based on air flow. Because the AFM is closed, the only air to the engine comes from the AFM bypass screw, or through whatever air leaks you may or may not have (i.e. boot, intake gaskets, etc.)

          3. The AFM probably isn't the cause of your rough idle, unless you are 100% sure there are no other leaks, your TPS and ICV are good, and your cap/rotor/plugs are good. Fix the easy stuff first.