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    Bring the car over to Bellevue! I wanna check out the new shiny gold brakes.

    Loving this site so far. Great timing, down with DTM and up with S14. It suits me perfectly.

    :borg: What are you suppose to use the borg for??

    haha these are cool! :jedi: :nahnah: :batman: :battle:

    AWESOME :homer: :boss: I'm having way too much fun!

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      Mike, why those calipers? How much more pad area than stock? Why didn't you go to a BBK? those seem like a wast eof money to me.. its like Spoon calipers for BMW's
      Alex McHenry


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        Expect to see more and more people visiting that don't own E30 M3's and include me as one of them! I expect to learn quite a bit from this site and hope to add some technical info in the future.

        I would have registered with just my name but it wouldn't allow me to sign up with anything less then 4 characters. :sosad:

        The site looks fantastic and the forum is looking both unique yet familiar (gotta love vB software).

        Congratulations on the launch, Dave!!
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          Wow Dave...nice job so far! I think the gear ratios in the top menu bar really class things up.

          I guess I have to add to my "links" menu bar, I'll probably be here alot. Just let me know when you get sick of me and want me to leave.

          When can we expect an High Point drive? If it could just stay 50 degrees out for a few weeks we could count on no ice. I haven't had the car out of the garage in almost a month. Too long.

          Good luck with it all,



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            It's good to see so many familar faces/names here, I'm sure as time goes by this will be the first place that people will go to for information regarding the E30 M3.


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              Looks great! Good job guys.

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                Originally posted by Chris F.
                Wow Dave...nice job so far! I think the gear ratios in the top menu bar really class things up.


                I agree it looks very cool just a shame there wrong, oh I forgot you guys don't get the proper M3 dogleg box do you j/k :p
                "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"


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                  Great site! Decent people, decent knowledge, no spam and no Djmadflava!!!:nahnah:


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                    Originally posted by EVOIIIM3

                    I just got threw putting them on, in a little bit, I'm going out for a drive.
                    Make sure to tel us how they work compared to our stock calipers. I'd like to know.


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                      I'm happy we're here!

                      Mike post a thread of pics along with your pre-breakin thoughts of the calipers.

                      This site will be expanding after the holidays. I would love write-ups on installs (with pics) from everyone if it's possible.


                      Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                        Looks like a pretty good site to me.
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