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looking to buy an m3, i have some questions.

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  • looking to buy an m3, i have some questions.

    hey everyone

    i got a couple questions fist off about this m3.

    1. any special problem areas on m3's that are different the e30's rust wise?
    2. any tell tale signs of worn items i should look for?
    3. what else should i know? (btw this will be my 3rd e30, and i'm a mechanic anyhow, just need some specfic info on m3's)

    now for your opinon on this vehicle.

    1990 M3 Alpine White
    140, 000 miles

    this vehicle has the following items extra

    - oem 17' throwing stars
    - Evo 3 Lip
    - Evo Undertray with brake ducts...
    - Evo hood seals and bumber seals.
    - h4 headlamps, h1 highs
    -reinforced swaybar mounts

    the vehicles problems
    - slight paint cracks in bumper
    - curb rash on 3 of the rims
    - has 4 stock baskets, but 1 is bent
    - chipped mirror, and front spoiler
    - selector shaft/output shaft on trans is seeping
    - golf ball dent in roof
    - tires are worn
    - tint has faded, and is peeling
    - evo 3 lip is cracked and bent upward.

    the low down.

    i was contacted by the owner seeing if i was interested in purchasing an m3, nataurally i was. so we exchanged emails and i went and viewed the car. check it over, there seems to be no rust besides, slight surface rust around the licence plat lights. i check over the floor boards, jack area, battery tray area, and along where the filler neck is. (i forgot to check the windshield)
    but the windshield was original so i doubt it has be removed and replaced . the paint on the vehilce was clean, a few chips on the mirror, and front spolier, and the rear bumper is cracking. there is a tiny dent on the roof. the tint on the vheilce iw peeling off and fading. the car has the evo hood and bumper seals, and a evo lip (which is crakced and bent) and evo brake ducts and undertray. can the lip be repaied?
    the car has new exhaust from eisenman. all bushings were aperaently replaced 1 year ago (waiting on proof), new rad installed, new clutch( waiting on proof), the car apearently was bought from po with gruppe n suspenison????? any way to check this? he is the fourth owner of the car and it has been local for the past 8 years. the car is serived by the owners friend which happens to be the po. that he bougth teh car off of. the vehicle interior is totally, mint no cracks or wear marks, but the owner is not selling the vehicle with the steering wheel shown, the deck, or the front speakers, i will have to install all my own items. he says he has all the stock parts, which i am hoping on.

    mechanical wise the car starts uo fine, no rattleing or noises at all, possible valve adjustment needed, or maybe exhaust leak...or injectors are just loud. vehilce had recent tune up with new wires. owner did not know last time tb were synced. no smoke was present under any conditions. vehicle drove smooth, nice accel, smooth and clean. all other systems ((abs, ac) all work and check out fine.
    some of my concerns are, the brake pedal is a fair bit lower then in my '90 325is, comon? is there adjustment? the clucth is a lot softer then my 325is too? normal? and finally the shifter rattles and i can hear a rattling noise when the car is in neutral, with the clucth out, but when it is pushed in the noise is gone. any ideas?

    btw the owner is asking 16,000 usd.
    and if you have carfax could you run this vin for me please?


    the vehicle will not have a stero installed, or front speakers or panels, i will have to install those myself. also i most likely will have to install the airbag wheel agian as he is taking away the aftermarket on he has on there now.

    let me know of your opinon
    thanks alot
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    If you use the search function you'll be able to find quite a few threads about what to look for when buying an m3.
    In short you're going to hear that 16,000 usd is asking quite a bit too much for that car with the miles it has on it and all the other little things but e30 m3's are hard to come by around here and they tend to go for a higher price. That said I paid about that much maybe a bit less for my euro spec car that had very minor rust....or so I thought, after owning the car for a short period of time I began to find more rust that wasn't easy to find.

    If I was doing it all again I wouldn't pay near 16,000 usd for an m3 that has visible rust, it's just going to be worse in other areas.
    Trystan W.


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      sounds too high to me, just thought I'd beat ADA///M from telling you my opinion first

      I just recently paid a tad bit more and got an extremely well kept 90 M3 with 59k miles and a bunch of Evo1/2 parts,with the conditions you mention I'd say more like $10k range for that one and I personally wouldn't pay that but I'm known to hardball worn, higher mileage M3's, the reality is it takes a lot of money and/or labor to bring one of these back to top shape

      there's one in the FS section located in TX that's a much better buy than yours, I know of a '90 with 60k for sale in Chicago for $15k, it's a few pages back in the FS section
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        Cam if you want PM me and I'll go take a look at the car with ya.


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          also here are the compression numbers

          #1: 11 Bar #2: 10.5 Bar #3: 11.5 Bar #4 11.3 Bar