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    Greetings all,
    I've just gotten back from a long weekend in Cape Cod, my trusty E30 averaged 26mpg and ran a solid 90mph down I95, without giving a single complaint. For the past several weeks I've been at a crossroads with my project. The question I keep asking is, finish it or cash out while I'm still ahead? Here's a little background information, I purchased my E30 from the original owner a year ago for a phenomenal price, and knew it needed some loving. I performed all the engine maintenance(everything important under the hood-too lazy to list) over the winter and made it happier with the conforti chip, but I stopped for the past several months from dishing out any more dough(the list is long). I thought going back would be easy, but it is not, as these cars seem to always get expensive regardless of purchase price. I drove to Cape Cod with a 130,000 mile original exhaust, suspension, and old brakes...and it surprised the hell out of me just how much fun a "tired" M3 is, now I have the bite back to finish this project. So, let me ask some questions about value. I have every maintenance record to date, 130k, and one hell of a strong engine. What I need is all suspension components, brake system and full exhaust, plus a few odds and ends) I have a fairly rust free example, nothing on subframe, front windshield, or undercarriage...but the small crease at the base of the pop out windows has a rust spot roughly 2 inches wide by 2 inches tall, it's an eye sore and very firm not soft- I never worried much about the rust as it was isolated to a non stressed spot and fixable(albeit for a safe $1000) but overall the paint is good. So here is my question. I feel the value of this car in its current state is around 7500(pls chime in) with the addition of the above mentioned overhauls I would expect to get closer to 9k, but here is my dilemna. What value will this car arrive at with all mechanicals solid, all records, second owner plus the addition of a quality respray(erase rust)? Throw some numbers at me. My presumption is that the value will never really go past 10G(good) due to mileage. If the concensus agree's then I'm confident I can allow the wallet to open again... thanks
    Attached is a recent picture.[IMG]http://[/IMG]