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  • ECU problem

    Hi all
    broken down yesterday again:sosad:
    Car was fine on idle, but as soon I tried to rev it up it just went 500 revs up and bounced back to idle. I disconnected the throttle switch and checked the AFM but didn't get it to work. Today after work I pulled the ECU out and had a look inside for burnt components etc. Everything looked fine beside from a little wobbling component. I turned the key and the car run as sweet as ever! Wiggling and bending the circuit board/components stalled the engine once, but I couldn't replicate the fault since.
    Does anyone know what the component pictured is? Also the solder joints look all abit shabby.

    thanks. any help apreciated

    Goodbye M3, you served me well.

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    I would be looking for another ECU. Looks like water damage, and the build up of precipitates are compromising the circuit tracks.
    It may run fine for ages, or it may fail at the next pot hole.
    I would not trust it.
    If an expert could locate where the failure is, that might buy you more peace of mind for a while.



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      I resoldered the crystal and put some hot melt glue on it to stop it dangling. But as you said, you can't trust it anymore. I have a spare ECU in the boot now. I would like to be sure that it was caused by the ECU before I spend some money. And perhaps the money spend on a new BMW ECU would be better invested in a Alpha-N capable ECU.........

      Goodbye M3, you served me well.