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  • Why Are My Brakes So Bad (already Searched)

    I had a bit of a shunt last night in London (I went into the back of my friends Volvo Estate). Not going very fast at all, I was following him back to his house, he pulled out and had to emergency stop for an ambulance, I had to do the same but there was no pressure in my brake pedal.
    If I am blasting along in the car there seems to be more pressure and the pedal feels firm, but at low speed it is awful.

    I dont really no how to remedie this situation, and dont want to go to the expence of putting in M3 suspension, to give me the bigger disks.
    The trouble is with the power of the car the 325 discs dont cut it. I also have Mintex pads on the front but these are probably worse in London as they dont get hot.
    Is there any other brake packages that would fit on my car with 15" BBS (Might be upgrading to 16" Hartges!)

    Thanks for all your help in advance.
    P.S. No damage to the car apart from where the towing eye screws in little dent.

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    Two suppliers have equipped the e30. Girling and ATE. Girling calipers are not very stiff calipers. ATE calipes are stronger. Either way, they are okay for street use. ATE is better as it allows a better modulation, thanks to its stiffer nature. Brake pads are paramount to braking efficiciency, but having a clean and properly bled system should be step number one.

    Just start by bleeding your brake system, and then install proper pads.

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      anything to do with the brake booster possibly?


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        What is the brake booster? Does it run off the air box?


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          I have the same problem with my brakes. Some time there's no pressure at low speed and some time at high speed. It's a scary feeling to press the brakes and it doesn't stop. I think there's air in the system, but I haven't exam it yet. Please us know if you know what's going on. Thanks


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            TIS troubleshooting document on the E30 M3 brakes

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              The 320is has two vacuum lines connected to the throttle bodies opposed to only one on the M3. The slightly reduced engine capacity obviously resulted in slightly less vacuum and made it necessary to have two pickups. The brake booster and master cylinder on the 320is are identical to all of the other E30s apart from the M3.

              Anyways, check your vacuum lines from the intake runners to the brake booster , the brake booster itself and replace those MINTEX wtih the standard OEM-pads.
              I personally believe that in normal traffic the 325 brake is adequate for the S14B20. It will be autobahn-driving that takes those brakes up to their limit when you accelerate to max speed, brake down hard because someone's in your lane and accelerate hard again after passing untill the next one is in your way etc. etc.


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                Thanks for all the info.

                :Hardtailer: would you be able to pull up some diagrams of the brake booster etc, so I know what I am Looking at.



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                  this is all I have. Hope it's of help to you.