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what happened to my A/C?

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  • what happened to my A/C?

    my A/C always blew very cold and had no problems. Then last weekend I changed out my cooling system (rad, thermostat, water pump, hoses) and now suddenly the A/C doesnt work at all anymore...

    so i did a visual inspection and it seems like everything is fine. i didnt leak out massive amounts of refrigerant or anything. i didnt touch the compressor or mess with the aux fan (just unbolted the radiator).

    just wondering if you guys can think of anything that could have gone wrong, since i dont THINK i even did anything with the A/C system. is there anything that i can check for?

    any help would be great. it's getting REALLY hot here and i'm sweatin like a dog... i've had to put towels on my seats so that i dont sweat all over them! (hmm, was that too much information? )

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    My guess is that you knocked the power wire off the compressor when installing the thermostat. There are only 2 wires connected to it, a ground and a power wire. They often get covered in oil and corroded.
    Start by checking the fuse (don't know which one)
    Then check that both wires to the compressor are intact.
    Then check to see if your compressor's kicking on at all. With the car idling and the A/C on you should see the compressor cycling on and off. If you've check all the other components and it's not cycling on it could be the switch relay.
    If the compressor's working you have a problem somewhere else in the system.


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      Thanks Mick. I'll check it out later tonight.


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        Also check the wires to the High/Low pressure switches on your receiver/drier.