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    My temp gauge wont work. Put in a new one, still wont work. What could it be. It moves a little but not out of the blue area.

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    Ive been told that sometimes bad batteries in the service indicator board will give gauges problems if they are bad. Here is a quote from the E30 M3 repair manual from Koala Motorsports

    "If your service indicator lights are the only problem, you can remove the small light board and discard it. However, if you have instrument malfunction, the battery board must be replaced to preserve the integrity of the instruments.
    The battery board is so called because it contains 2 small batteries used to maintain memory of the service indicator lights when the main battery is disconnected.
    From 6/89 production, the boards were redesigned to use Lithium rather than NiCad batteries, and also the circuitry was changed so that the Lithium batteries were drawn on only when the main battery was disconnected. Prior to this, the NiCad batteries supplied power to the service indicator board at all times , and were recharged during vehicle operation.
    Replacement of these batteries will often suffice to repair associated problems, however, a thorough check of the battery board is required to ensure there are no cracked solder joints. Re-flowing any suspect joints should also be done at the same time as replacing the batteries."

    Sometimes the temp. sensor just goes bad, so check or replace that first. Good luck!


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      I just changed the temp sensor