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Intake Gasget?

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  • Intake Gasget?

    My car started to sound like a lawn mower. Is it the intake gasget?

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    If your idle is rough, then it might plausibly be the intake gaskets.

    If it sounds like a diesel engine, then you need a new timing chain tensioner.

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      You could always grab the plenum and push up and down on it Don Fields style. :t: He did that to a friend of Han's.

      What do you mean by lwan mower? It makes us think that it's more of a mechanical sound.

      Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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        Rob, I started to take it to Charlie. I think him and dave know ther shit. My car runs so much better that it did when I got it. My Chain doesnt make noise. But I dont know how to explain the sound


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          maybe you suffer from the same problem as HANDBLT, are your header studs all still there? Does it sound like exhaust is coming straight out of the head and not into the exhaust manifold? Stick your head down there, see what you think. The car will sound like a lawn mower if those studs break and you're leaking exhaust gas out the head.


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            Yes, Thats what it sounds like. I will find out tonight