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E30 M3 Stolen in Seattle (NOW RECOVERED)

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  • E30 M3 Stolen in Seattle (NOW RECOVERED)

    This isn't my car. This was posted on the SIG today and I thought I should pass it along. If you see anyone selling a white E30 M3 double check the VIN.

    My 1989 White E30 M3 was stolen at 8:30 Sunday morning from Sea-Tac
    area airport parking garage. The garage appears to have dropped or
    given the key to the thief. The security cameras got some get
    footage of him. Car has black interior, License 742 NML, Serial
    WBSAK0305KAE33137. Stock wheels and its dirty. Call the police if
    you see it. Then call me.


    David Beagle
    hm: 206-367-5593
    wk: 206-281-0505
    cp: 206-612-0100

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    Thanks for posting. I am in the midwest, so I dont think I will be seeing any clues. But god would I love to catch that fucker.


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      Originally posted by BijanH
      Thanks for posting. I am in the midwest, so I dont think I will be seeing any clues. But god would I love to catch that fucker.
      I'm so sorry to hear this man- hope you get appropriate recompense provided you don't see the car again. Very sad, i know i'd be shitting myself!
      Alex McHenry


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        Oh no, it wasnt my car. I just hate no good thiefs.


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          M3 recovered.

          From the owner:


          I got a call from the Kirkland Police this evening that they had
          found the M3. They said car appeared to be intact and the key was in
          the ignition. After a quick trip to Kirkland indeed the car was
          there and driveable. Other then a nicked the windshield, split seat
          seam, smokey interior, almost empty fuel tank, some missing keys, and
          a junk filled trunk all appears to be normal other than black finger
          print dust now all over everything. I will still have to check out
          the front and underside but it drove like normal. The officer said
          it was the first intact car recovery he had seen in 3 years. It
          seems odd but the thief washed the car. Maybe it was because my
          postings said it was dirty. The power of the internet??? Thanks to
          all who kept an eye out for the car over the last several days.

          David Beagle

          90 Sterling 2.5L E30///M3 lifer
          97 Porsche Carrera S
          13 Audi S6
          SOLD 03 Audi RS6 daily
          GONE 88 E28///M5 project


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            that is amazing luck. hope nothing is wrong with it.

            looks better than it runs :/