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I just did font suspension today...

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  • I just did font suspension today...

    I have H&R race springs which have been cut. The drop is supposed to be like 1.5 or something so I was expecting more then I got. I lined up the springs side by side and the h&r are easily half the size of stock springs. When I put them on the strut housing all I had to do was compress the shock. I thought this was weird but it was all tight and installed correctly. I had to get my brother to lower the car while I lined up the spring in its perch because there is 0 pressure from the spring untill the shock is compressed. When it was all said and done and on the ground there was no drop difference. The gap from the top of tire to fender is about .25-.5 inch gap. So Im like what the fuck. It is stiff as hell but no real drop notice. Did I do something wrong and dont realize it?

    Tomorrow: Rear suspension and all new EVO rotors and HAWK HP plus pads.

    Sorry for no pics yet.

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    There should be an imediate difference...but give that shit some time to settle....did you put new shocks on too???


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      yes bilstien sports. Im about to go over to the garage now, we'll see if it settled at all.


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        It wont fully settle until a few weeks of doesnt setle just by sitting there...

        Bilstiens raise the ride height a little...


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          I just finished it all and drove the piss out of it for about 15 minutes. It is going down slowly but shurley. we'll see in a few weeks like you said.