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  • Sway bar question

    I did my suspesnion as most know and It just isnt what I was looking for. I should have just saved and went to GC but Im a dumbass. I was wondering would aftermarket adjustable swaybars be an answer? I just want the car to stay flat in turns, it is feeling sloppy to me right now. What would be a good brand sway bar set to look into?

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    I would say no. Adjustable swaybars are Anti-roll bars and only add to the full suspensio setup. A better choice of springs would tighten your ride up.

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      Don't you have H&R race springs on there right now?
      What kind of shocks do you have?

      It's really strange that your car would be "sloppy" with H&Rs.


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        Bilstien sports. I bought the springs from M3NTALKEV and I trust he didnt send me some crap plus the springs look beefer than the sports. What If I were to get like Koni shocks? Arent those pretty damn stiff?


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          no, the koni's aren't any stiffer than bilstein sports.
          lean on the front fender, above the front wheel, and see how much you can get the car to drop.
          it shouldn't drop more than an inch.

          H&R race springs and Bilstein sports is a very stiff setup.


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            I did put all 165 pounds of me on the corner and it only moves about 1/2" Maybe it is all in my head but when I go into a corner hard it feels like im driving a land boat sometimes. Maybe my tires have to soft of a sidewall. AVS es100 215/40/17. ??