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AC Questions on my E30 M3

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  • AC Questions on my E30 M3

    I have 3 air con problems currently on my E30 M3.

    The first problem is that whenever I first switch on the fan, the air comes out is so warm (or you can say hot). So, I got to turn on the air con to cool the air which comes in from the fan. Is there any wrong with the system?

    The second question is probably related to the first one. The air con is not cold enough. On a weather like 90 degree, I'd rather open all the windows than use the air con. I have just have the AC recharged. I have heard my friend said that it possibly be the Bad valve which always stay open.

    The third question is that even if the air con is cold enough, after use it for a while, The fan looks like stop or rotating so slow. I have to shut the AC down for a while and the fan starts rotating again. I then could start to use the AC (for a while) again.

    Does anyone know anything about these issues?