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  • Ground Control Springs

    Does anyone have recomendations on where to purchase a set of ground Control Coilovers?
    Also what spring Rates to get for a Street car.


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    I bought my set directly from Ground Control

    Mine is street driven and I put in 300lb/in front 500lb/in rear. feels good and solid, but not too harsh. You could go stiffer if you wanted.

    Wherever you buy them from remember that you need to modify the front strut tubes by cutting off the spring pads and weld in the new smaller ones from GC. Its not hard to do yourself if you can weld, and have access to a band saw. I did mine in about an hour.
    Otherwise you will have to find someone local to do the work.

    You can also send them to GC and they will do all of this for you, but I think they charge around $100.00 for labor
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