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Bolt on coilovers---cons?

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  • Bolt on coilovers---cons?

    I have 4 Konis in the garage that I had intended to sell on here, but I'm curious as to the possibility of purchasing the IE or GC bolt on coilover conversions...has anyone done this? Is there any disadvantage in terms of quality or performance? Would anything else need to be done? The car is mainly for autocrossing and trackdays.

    I've been unable to piece this out in my head...any help would be great.
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    If you search the archives, lots of discussions of coil overs. Most all of the people that I have heard post love the suspension after the change. I LOOVVEE mine. Whatever you do, I suggest that you make sure to use the complete system from the vendor you choose. GC for example uses a different size koni than the regular m3 part. They also have custom valving.
    I believe that the gc kit provides the best front suspension travel with the camber plates. This can be compromised using some kits. Coilovers are great fun for trackdays and autox. You can then cornerweight the car and align for maximum performance. This makes a big difference in handling.
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      It is recommended to get the Konis revavled to spec. Also depending on the type of Konis you have... You are running the J-Stock right?


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        i'm interested in the koni's when you sell em...... how many miles?