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  • HELP- strange problem

    I am stumped by a problem that effects my car. Since I bought the car I've put 10,000 miles on the car and it has randomly stalled on a redline shift 5 times. In a nutshell, a hard pull to redline and then at like 7,000rpm stalls, so the car slowly has rpms drop as I coast to a stop. The first time this happend I thought the motor died, then one the car was stopped, it started right back on an happy motoring for months. It is not a rev limiter because I do not overrev, and it has happened with the stock chip and the conforti chip at or around 7000rpm. It has only happened during full throttle runs and only in 2nd or 3rd gear.

    Bottom line, if there is no shoulder on a given road, I cant drive hard for the fear that the car will stall during mid flight.

    What in sam blazes in going on here?

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    Fuel system would be my first guess. Check into the health of both pumps to see if they are working properly.


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      I think Joe is correct on his guess...

      Your problem seems like what was going on with my Henna when the engine was rebuilt and fresh. It would haul ass up to 6k and then delay and then go back.

      There are many things to check...

      Read this thread!

      I loves the search!


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        There is also the posibilty that your ignition coil is inefficient and cannot build up enough voltage in the necessary window as the revs rise from 6k up.... But I might be talking crap:stupid:


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          I'd check fuel pumps and also the coil. If you can borrow another coil to check fit it would be easier than tring to hook up scopes etc.
          For the fuel pumps, check power supply and check they are both running. Maybe also a good idea to check the flow rate and pressure that is being generated.
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            I had this *exact* problem, though not as frequent. Drove me up the wall too! It'll just coast to a stop and there's nothing that can bring it back. Mine started right up after it stopped too, most of the time. Replaced both fuel and main relays first and that seemed to help, but looking back I don't think that was it. One of the times it didn't start right back up I hooked an inductive timing light to the wire from the coil and found.... nothing! Traced the coil trigger wire all the way back to the DME, didn't find anything wrong, hooked it all back up, and it worked fine for a few weeks. I was rear-ended pretty badly shortly after this and it did it again on it's way to it's final home! The guy who bought it knows M3s very well and he sounded pretty confident that it was a loose connection at the battery. That would be the direction I'd go next and maybe get the battery tested. The only other possible components involved in this would be the coil, the wire to the coil, and the DME itself. Unfortunately that's where my story ends but maybe this will give you something to try. Good luck!


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              While the car is running, you need to push up and down on the Motronic connector. If the car stalls while pushing up or down it is the coil trigger wire either bad at the connector or a cracked trace on the PC board. I fought this exact same scenerio for ever. I finally opened up the DME and found the cracked trace. Pushing up and down on the connector will flex the board and if there is a crack it will stall.



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                Thanks for all the great advice, this is one of those intermitent problems I can no longer ignore. I want to exphasize that of the hundreds of redline shifts in 10,000 miles, it has only stalled 5 times. So, I think Handblt has a solid idea about testing for cracks in the dme unit- but where exactly is this located?(pardon my ignorance)

                I will check the suggested areas and report back.
                '91 318i "does it all"
                '91 Klein Rascal "eco-friendly"