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Best Performance clutch? and RR FPR....

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  • Best Performance clutch? and RR FPR....

    I'm about to be kneck deep in the rebuild process of my engine, but one area that i have not yet decided on is the clutch/flywheel assembly... i would like a lightweight clutch, and i've heard good things about AP Racing products. I am not concerned about how heavy the pedal will feel or anything of that nature... this is purely for the performance aspect. I also have been looking at lightened flywheels.... i would like to go with the 8lb flywheel but i have a feeling that the idle will not be very smooth or will have to be set higher... any input with personal experience would be really appreciated at this point.... also, i'm considdering using a rising rate fuel preassure regulator and an underdrive pulley system.... anyone have experience there? thanks guys, appreciate it.
    1990 e30 m3

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    cartech RRFPR is the best, and $169 too. i think they are on ebay

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