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Intro and question about FPR's

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  • Intro and question about FPR's

    Hello everyone, a couple of you know me from other boards (primarily Anyway, I've been floating around for a couple months now, and have finally gotten off my butt and registered. And to start off with, I was hoping you guys could shed some light on a little dilemna of mine. The M3 has been in storage since late Novemeber, and attempts to get her fired back up have failed thus far. Basically it sounds like I have no spark, but in fact I do... I had this problem last year, and it turned out to be fouled plugs -- however that is not the problem since I've checked and cleaned them. So now I believe it might be the fuel pressure regulator, based on an evaluation by my uncle who also owns and e30 M3 and has done extensive BMW servicing. Anyone want to comment on that possiblity? Secondly, since if/when I replace it is it worth going to an adjustable set up - and which one?

    Thanks a guys, I can already tell just from watching this place evolve that it's a great forum/site.


    btw - 130k miles, replaced plugs/cap/rotor/wires last year, and it's currently about 45F or 6C here... and I have no reason to believe it's not the stock FPR currently in the car.

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    So assume that when you turn the key that you just hear a tick-tick-tick sound?

    You could have a bad fuel pump relay/main relay , dead battery or bad connection through the car up to the battery connection in back of the firewall, bad ground, loose connection on starter (trying smacking on it), crank position sensor, etc...

    There are a lot of reasons why it wouldn't. I can type more later, but do you have an aftermarket alarm system that may be fucking up your system? Start buy checking every connection you can. If your a sig member you can do some searches that will help you track it down with a multimeter/voltmeter.

    Good Luck!

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      Hey Magnus!

      No, it's not a tick-tick-tick. It's definitely turning over, I can hear the starter and the fuel pump running. Just doesn't catch - ya know? I spun it a few times with the plugs out, hoping to clear excess fuel out, and not much changed.

      I know it's not the battery, and I've checked for power at the coil and it's good there, I think it's fuel related. Seems to flood pretty easily. During "good" weather - before storage - I was getting carbon build up on the ass-end of the car, and while I know that's not entirely uncommon, it seems a bit excessive in my case. When I pulled the plugs this last time, as in first time since putting the M away, there were visible carbon deposits, as in chunks sort of...

      Like I said, it shouldn't (can't!) be the battery, since it was unhooked through the winter, and was brand new in August, as well as runs every thing else fine (i.e. the headlights are at nearly full juice, vs dimmed when the battery was pooched). Ground shouldn't be a problem since no work has been done that might have left a disconnected line or such.

      Oh, and there isn't any sort of alarm. It's bone stock, save H4's and a SS exhaust. And I'm bmwcca, but not sig.

      Thanks for letting me think out loud :rolleyes: