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    Local to NYC metro, what is the going rate for a full comprehensive re-paint? I have two semi minor rust spots to deal with on the back pop out windows, as well as a sloppy rear wing and front spoiler. I am leaning toward a comprehensive- check every nook and cranny-last another 20 years paint job.

    Any advice on body shops and ballpark figures? Since the car has no accidents or nagging issues, what will this do for overall value.

    '91 318i "does it all"
    '91 Klein Rascal "eco-friendly"

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    An equal to factory quality paint job (not a hand buffed show job), with good attention to detail, complete prep work repairing dings and chips, no overspray anywhere, basically well done, should run about $6K.

    Some people will say you can get a good paint job for less, but if you pay much less than that they are going to be cutting corners somewhere. It is EXTREMELY time consuming and labor intensive to do a good paint job.....

    You get what you pay for.....