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  • Header stud help

    I'm doing a little spring cleaning to the old M3 and right now I've run into a little trouble.

    I'm replacing all 16 header studs on the car and I've gotten them all out pretty easily, a few nuts were missing, but no borken studs (yet)! You know, preventative maintenance.

    Anyway, I bought all new studs, put some blue loctite on them and and threaded them into the head about as far as the stock studs were in. Then about 6 hours later I tried to put on the factory nuts, nope, not happening. The studs are just spinning into the head even further when I try to tighten the nuts. I didn't touch any of them today, figured I'd let the loctite sit for a while. So, I put them in on saturday, tried saturday afternoon and it seemed like a lost cause.

    Am I doing something wrong here? How long does the loctite take to dry? When it is dry in there will that prevent the stud from spinning with the nut when I tighten it? Please help. I've been casually working on the motor for about two weeks and everything else is finished, now I have this problem.