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Another one bites the dust...

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  • Another one bites the dust...

    Pictures and story to be posted in a little bit... the short story is that coolant and rear tires don't mix at the track.

    /// M3NTAL Kev

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    Oh no. Hope everyone is ok. Sorry to hear Kev.


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      :sosad: :sosad:
      *crosses fingers*

      Best of luck Kevin...
      Chris L.

      Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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        Oh man, sorry to hear Kev. Glad you're okay.


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          :( Glad to hear you're ok Kev. I'm under the impression it was a little more serious than you're letting on. I do hope I'm wrong though.


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            That`s some bad news Kev. Hope you are OK.


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              Thats it.. I'm never posting on this web-site again.. One car goes down, we all go down. :(

              I am glad though that you are okay since you are posting here...


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                Like everyone else has said, at least you are in one piece, which is the most important part.
                Increasing the value of E30 M3's everywhere - one shunt at a time.


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                  Originally posted by ROBM3
                  Hmm... I am guessing turn 2 ? :sosad:

                  The story goes like this...

                  I spent Friday and Saturday lapping Mosport about as fast as can be done in my M3. MY instructor was extremely pleased and I spent most of the time lapping solo.

                  On Saturday afternoon my heater core blew up and dump coolant in the glovebox and all over the passenger floor. Luckily I was alone at the time and nobody got hurt.

                  So I scrambled, and used a piece of pipe to by-pass the heater core. I returned to the track this morning, double checked everything and bled the cooling system. Everything was looking good.

                  The instructor and I went out again. I usually take 3 laps or so to make sure that the tires, oil and brakes are warm. This day was no exception. So on the third lap after braking for corner 8 and entering at around 140km/h (on hot laps the entry speed is ~170km/h), the rear end broke loose. With 2 corrections I was able to save the car and get back on line. At this point the instructor was complementing the save and we were begining to make the assumption that the tires must still be cold which is really odd for lap 3.

                  So I decided to take it a little easier and braked a little harder for corner 9. Just as I started my turn-in while feathering the throttle, the rear end came around 135deg. and we shot off the track. The passenger side front hit the wall at 80-100km/h and the passenger side rear came around and hit the wall too.

                  The conclusion that we came to was that the heater core still had some coolant in it and upon some heavier braking, it dumped coolant which ended up spraying all over the rear tires.

                  My instructor said that it definitely wasn't a driving error and based on the way that the rear end snapped around, there was nothing we could do but enjoy the ride.

                  /// M3NTAL Kev


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                    oh crap, kev. sorry to hear that.

                    now i see why the bmwcca strongly advises using plain water instead of coolant for club racing.


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                      sorry to hear that :sosad: glad you are ok!
                      I always use distilled water (with water wetter added in ) at the track.
                      Cars are replaceble, our health is not!


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                        sad to hear man i def say use water to anyone who tracks, did it dump alot out on the track?
                        at least she went happy, at the track

                        Shes sold now :(


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                          Hi Kev.

                          Glad to hear you are OK. Guess the instructor had the ride of his life:-) Was the damage just cosmetic or did you get into the mechanical bits? Need any help, let me know.
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                            Everytime I build up enough courage to take the M down to Buttonwillow or Willow Springs, once in tip top shape of course, I hear horror stories of something like this happening to even the best of drivers. It chills me down to the core to think in the blink of an eye a pristine example of Motorsport history could get smashed up and rendered crusher fodder.

                            Like vodomagoo said, at least she went out happy at the track, hopefully it's more cosmetic that frame and everything lines up.

                            I'm about 1 more accident post away from sealing up the E30 in a bubble and building a nuclear fallout shelter for it, john, you better not EVER post one of these threads! :cry:
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                              Glad to hear your ok, sorry about the car though. At the Ring this year a 2.7 alpina 325 came in to Ring Racing while i was there. He was leaking coolant, but did not know until he was flagged. The coolant had oil mixed in with it, but his oil was ok. His car was fine but 2 bikers came off. With the oil mixed in it would make the traction almost 0%.


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