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brakes: fodder for endless debate

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  • brakes: fodder for endless debate

    So the time has come to do brakes all around.

    After doing a lot of reading about stock/OEM vs cross-drilled vs gas-slotted, I've decided to go with stock/OEM rotors.

    Opinions on that? From searching the forums, I've found that most of us (well, those who responded to the threads) universally condemn cross-drilled rotors.

    Is there any advantage to going with the genuine BMW rotors vs OEM from Balo? I was planning to purchase the Balo's from Eurasian since they have the best prices on those. Just wondering if this is the "correct" way to go.

    I plan to use Hawk HPS street pads for now. I'm using the car for street driving, autox and car control clinics. I will do a track school in the near future. I don't see the need to go crazy with super-ultra-high-fabuloso performance brake pads just yet. This is on Filippo's recommendation.

    Anyway, opinions appreciated!
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    Sounds good to me. I believe Balo is genuine BMW. And the stock rotors are now the EVO rotors in the front to really this is an ungrade although it's listed as OEM. HPS should be great for the street as they are more resistant to squealing...I could be mixing that up with HP+ though.
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      I think.....

      I would go with the slotted rotors. For the pads, I would ask around for which gives the stiffest pedal for the Street Application.


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        can you explain why you would go with the slotted rotors?
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          Originally posted by dreeves
          can you explain why you would go with the slotted rotors?
          They will help disperse some of the heat build up and also help reduce your pads from glasing over. When braking frequently, it's best to brake in hard short depressions to reduce the heat build up, but this is not wise on the roads. Ok for track and auto tests.

          I have Hawk HP+ and they do squeal a bit but mainly at the slower end of braking.

          My 2 penths worth and thoughts!

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            After going thru 4 different brake pad/rotor combo's I have landed on stock rotors and hps pads. I have some brake ducts, nothing fancy. It is a very good set up. a little noisey on the street but race car brakes squeek!

            I also did the stainless lines, brass brake bushing upgrade and master cylinder. The only other thing to watch is brake fluid. My ride get's new fluid every 6 months or after every DE/track day.


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              I'm running standard discs with Pagid Fast Road pads (along with braided hoses and DOT 5.1 fluid), no ducts - so far so good - there is instant bite for road use with a little bit of squealing at very gentle braking. On track they feel good with no obvious degredation of feel or performance. This is on short (2 miles) sprint course so I don't know how they would hold out on extended laps on track days etc.
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