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problem with rear shock

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  • problem with rear shock

    My car has adjustable spax shocks on the rear fitted by one of the previous owners, anyways i was exprimenting with the adjusting of them because when cornering very hard the car seemed to unbalance a little when coming out of the corner.

    they are menat to be 14 point adjustable and click everytime they reach a point. one of them just keeps going ie goes more than 14 clicks and doesn't click anymore. this means i can't adjust it to exactly the same as the other rear one as i have no point of reference to which to adjust it to.

    I am thinking of replacing both of the rear ones and wanted to know whether they would have to be the same make as the front ones. I don't know what make the front ones are at the moment. I was thinking about bilsteins (keeping standard springs) as these seems to be popular.

    thanks for any suggestions.

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    find out whats up front...they dont need to be the same, but its probably a good idea


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      The damper is FUBAR.
      I would switch to a quality Dutch or German brand.
      Spax and AVO dampers don't last long in the real world and will not tolerate bottoming out at all.


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        i thought as much. thanks mark. will have to do some research on what use as a replacements!