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  • cap and rotor

    while doing some routine maintenance, I noticed that my rotor has been on the car so long, that I was unable to remove it and stripped the allen screws. All I could do was clean the contacts a bit. Does anyone have any ideas on how to take care of this?
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    You could take a larger allen bit than the one you used to strip the bolt, tap it ever so slightly so that it fits snugly, and remove the offending bolt that way. Keep downward pressure as you unfasten the allen bolt. Also use some anti-seize (accurately!) around the seized area. Let it sit for as long as the container suggests, then try taking it out.

    A bolt extracting kit might work too, but try this first. Then replace with the proper allen bolts that aren't mangled.

    Hope that helps, and welcome to the board.



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      you could also make one thread with all your questions.

      I promise we will answer them all. You dont need to make 5 threads...just 1 with 5 questions will work just fine.


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        I had this problem a few weeks back. I tried to cut a slot in the top of the bolt heads with a dremel type tool but this was a bit tricky, using the slot I cut I put a screwdriver onto one edge of it and with a tap from a hammer the bolt free'd up and I could undo it with the allen key.


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