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Brake Cooling

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  • Brake Cooling

    It was recommended that I wouldn't need brake cooling ducts for track days but it turns out I need something.. warped the rotors and glazed the pads last friday. Now this is part due to my braking technique as I'm still working on limiting the amount of time the brakes are applied in the braking zones.

    So my question is, what is recommended for track days? I am going to be buying new Evo rotors and Hawk street/track pads. The Bimmerworld kit looks to be a very complete kit with backing plates. Would this be too much cooling? Would the Evo ducts be better (no backing plate on the rotors) for a tracked car, not a racer? I'm running the stock wheels (which dont' help much for getting rid of excess heat on 225/50/15's.. would the wider tires interfer with the Evo duct directing air to the brakes?

    All suggestions are welcome

    90 Corrado/91 M3/01 M5

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    Go with the Bimmerworld kit, thats what Im doing. I have the evo rotors and Hawk HP plus pads. That should be enough in my opinion.


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      The bimmerworld duct kit is very nice, plus it doesn't have the problem that the Evo duct has in that it pops out (it mounts where the foglights went). What I did is I just ran the lines through the bumper, and then it exhausts cool air into the wheel well, which helps quite a bit. You don't really need the backing plates unless you are running some race pads in hot temps. Plus you can't run the hoses to the backing plates under street driving.
      Bryan K.
      Texas A&M Formula SAE