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Fuel Pressure Regulators & Air/Fuel Ratio gauges

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  • Fuel Pressure Regulators & Air/Fuel Ratio gauges

    Ok, I asked this once before with out much response, so I thought I'd give it another wurl. I need to replace my FPR, and I'm leaning towards the $200 rising rate one from BavAuto. Anyone want to comment on that? Are there other and/or better options out there? Also, given that it's an adjustable FPR, should I also seriously look into getting and A/F gauge? Thanks.

    EDIT: should I even go with the R/R? a stock one is only like $60... is it worth the extra?
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    Fuel regulators do only one thing. Regulate the fuel pressure. This in turn puts more pressure onto the injectors which raises the volume of fuel / injector pulse. If you have a stock motor, I would recommend not touching the fuel pressure regulator since they work pretty good. If you have a nasty motor while using stock injectors, an adjustable fuel pressure regulator will help ballance a lean A/F ratio. Larger flowing injectors will also do the same job. The primary reason people change their regulator is when they add things like turbos or blowers. This is when a rising rate regulator comes in handy. You can dial in the right A/F ratio based on boost.

    Get your car on a dyno and check the A/F ratio. If you are lean, two things can happen. Bigger injectors or adjustable regulator. Both have drawbacks. Bigger injectors cost more, regulators only work to a certain point. At a critical pressure, the injectors will cease to open due to the high pressure differential.