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Finally got the old M3 purring again

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  • Finally got the old M3 purring again

    I've been in the process of some spring R&R for a while as some of you may have gathered from previous posts. It wouldn't have taken me a month, but maximillians was so slow with the shipping, the car basically sat apart for about two weeks while the parts were stuck in customs. Anyway, I started driving it again yesterday morning and it felt pretty good, but I had a vacuum leak and it was really pissing me off because I went over everything a few times to make sure it was right.

    Then I was leaking oil out of the oil filter housing, but that's because I forgot to put the washer on the bolt that holds the oil pressure sending unit in place that I installed. Well I decided to fix the oil leak because it smelled like shit and it's obviously bad to leak oil so I did. Then I found a cracked vacuum line right near the idle control valve. It was actaully the plastic tee that connects a few hoses that was cracked. Rode my motorcycle to the parts store, found a new tee there, buttoned everything back up and the car finally runs great again. It's so smooth and idles so perfectly, I just love it.

    I had to tell someone and my roommate doesn't give a shit, so now you all know.


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    I'm glad it's up and running.

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      yeah me too, now I need to take out some rear spring pads and take some new pics for all to see. It's looking dope these days