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Ireland Engineering Brake Kit

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  • Ireland Engineering Brake Kit

    Has anyone used this kit before? Seems like a good deal for the price. The only downside is PBR Calipers which is primarily used on Corvettes, Mustangs and I believe Camaros. Not a bad deal, but definately not Brembo! I do know that PBR calipers are used by Baer Brakes which is a major aftermarket brake company if you drive Domestic and some rice.

    Here is the link...
    Go to E30 Performance on the right side, E30 performance logo, E30 Brakes, and the kits are at the top of the list.

    Tell me what you all think.

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    Looks pretty good. Some thoughts:

    1) The discs are pretty thin, which hurts cooling ability a bit.

    2) Is the piston area comparable or preferably slightly smaller than stock? (This will help retain or improve the cars F/R brake bias..our cars are already too front biased.) The basic caliper concept is very good.

    3) I'd imagine that pads are cheap and readily available.

    4) How much do the discs and calipers weigh? How much for new discs?

    5) Huge beer guts like the domestic V8 guys often have is strictly optional.