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  • S14 Engine Specifications

    I am working on assembling my 2.5. I have the factory service manual, and as those of you who have it know, it is lacking critical specs such as torque values, bearing clearances, ring gaps, etc. I understand these come in a separate publication.

    Where are these specifications available and how does one get ahold of them? Are they in the "TIS" that I have seen people refer to?

    I have most of what I need, but there are a few critical specs that I would like to confirm through BMW sources.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    I forget the exact name of the manual you need, but it should tell you in your manual. It is available on microfiche from the dealer, they will have to order it from Germany- when I ordered a few months ago there were only 15 of them left. If you have the luck and want to pay the money for one they come up sometimes on hardcopies. I have the TIS and it is difficult to work with...I'm still messing with it but I don't think it contains these does have some, but I'm not sure whether its enough for you to get your motor back together.
    Charley Terhune
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