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My E30 M3 weekend. No pics, but long.

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  • My E30 M3 weekend. No pics, but long.

    It was an E30 M3 spotters weekend.

    It started out Sunday as I was driving to meet Nick-NY and Adrian to work on my car. I stopped at a mobil to refuel and spotted a brilliant E30 M3. The guy said that he was not on the net but he seemed to know a lot about maintenance procedures and E30 M3 mods. The car had 64,000miles and was in mint condition. He actually smoked me on the highway, but with 10 points on my license I was in no mood to play (I'm facing 8 more points in June :( )

    I get to Nick's house and with his and Adrian's help we start to change my Transmission fluid, diff fluid and apply a new lower oil pan gasket. It's always good to hang with my brothers especially since all the shops wanted $500 for a very easy job. Adrian is a certified BMW mechanic and Nick will be one very soon, so I am always in good hands. Adrian is available if you need work on your cars.

    Next we decide to go to the Jones Beach Auto X. We bumped into Crazy Desi and Rich as we were admiring some of the little buns of steel on some of the female attendees. It's always good to see people you know and like, well even if you just like them because they own your car. :burn: :p >

    So this morning I played sick so I could spend some TLC with the car. I even take vacation days without telling the girl just to have quality time with the //M. As I walk to my garage I see a Alpine E30 M3 at midas getting some new shocks!?!?!?! It appeared to be in good condition although they wouldn't let me come into the shop nor was the owner around. I now pick the car up and start driving to Yonkers to a 'wash'it your damn self' type business. While I was drying the car off, an E46 M3 drove up. The owner and his friend were very cool, they were from Rockland County. I realized that his car was the very first E46 M3 I saw in person. I actually was able to guess the area he worked at. You don't meet very many young E46 M3 drivers that give a shit about the E30. Small world.

    After cleaning the car and removing the disco stripes I proceeded home. I used to attend JFK high school in the boogey down Bronx, so I decided to pass by the old knife happy hood. As I cross the bridge and drive past the Columbia University football field, I spot my final E30 M3. I drove-up right beside it and looked at the driver. The guy looked at me like I was crazy until he realized that I too had an E30. He gave me the thumbs-up but I had to dash. I wanted to be home at the same time I usually arrive so as not to have to answer questions like "why didn't you take me".

    So that's 8 E30 M3's and 1 E46 M3 (with down to earth occupants) in a 2 day period. Have they rereleased the E30 M3?

    I forgot to mention that almost all of my bolts on my valve cover, my upper and lower oil gaskets were loose. Our engines are fucking crazy with the shakes and vibrations! So before you really get going on her this spring, I suggest you do a thorough tune-up.

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :

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    damn nice sightings, i actualy met your body guy at the rutgers meet and drive down, his car is well flawless

    Shes sold now :(


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      Yes, He told me he met you Andrew. Doug was very impressed with your car knowledge and positive attitude for such a young person. I wonder if you asked him some of your preloaded questions? :nahnah: Joke! He can't join us this weekend but will in the future. If you didn't know Doug smacks major ass around in his E46 M3 as well. Some of his employees tell me stories, so watch-out next time you pull up to this gray /grey haired man.

      Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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        yeah you can say that again, seeing the car on the road as clean as it was made my jaw drop and then seeing him fallow the caravan at speed was making alot of the pople wonder who this guy was. yeah he was saying he owned a few other bimmers but said that the e46 m didnt feel as connected and he didnt know quite how he felt about it, and that the e30 was funner to drive which put a smile on my face and next time i or anyone i know needs body work done you can be shure im recomending them there after seeing his flawless car

        Shes sold now :(


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          i see about 8 e30 m3s a year, let alone a weekend. i get overly excited when i see another e30 m3

          looks better than it runs :/


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            It was good to see so many fellow E30 M3 enthausists at the autocross on Sunday.

            During the week I go to school in the morning, then right after I go to work(right across the street ), so since I dont have a computer in my apartment I come back to school and check the websites(no E-mail:evil: ), anyway today i pull up and park my Jeep,as i'm walking twoard school I see A Diamond black 1990 E30M3!, I need to find out who the kid/person is and say Hi.

            It has 9X,000 miles on it an arm rest,stock wheels, smoked turn signals, New Jersey plates as well as a "RESIDENT OF LODI" sticker and it's For Sale.