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Help Needed S14 Engine Install

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  • Help Needed S14 Engine Install

    Wonder if some one could help me My name is Nick i'am based in cold and rainy London England,

    I'am in the process of building a mad track car using the best handling rear wheel drive car on them all ( M3 E30 ) and the best british rally car of them all ( ecsort RS1800 )

    i have been looking for help and advise on fitting S14 engine into a ( Sorry sad but true ) Ford Escort MK2 race car, i have already installed Rear diff housing in complete independent rear suspension all rose jointed and also have installed 6 speed getrag box from E36 M3 and the finishing touch is to install E30 M3 engine , i would like to know if this will fit 6 Speed box
    I have been offered a E36 EVO engine but have been told these are powerfull engines but very heavy

    all panels , wings , arches , bonnet , boot and doors ar all lightwieght Kevlar, i am aiming to get the car to be around 750 kg and use the best handling rear wheel drive components to make this a very fast track car ,

    i do have some very nice pics of the work done but can not post pics

    Take care and thanks again for any help

    Soon to be M3 E30 owner and with anyluck Evo Sport

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    Sounds bloody interesting Nick

    Sorry, can't help you on your specific questions, but would love to have a nose at your Escort - that sounds like it's going to be one mad beast. Where abouts in London are you? I'm in Brixton..
    Nick Vyse
    M2 Touring
    (s14 powered 2002)


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      I,am in croydon , not far i used to work for scotts in stockwell

      Soon to be M3 E30 owner and with anyluck Evo Sport


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        I dont believe the 6-speed bolts right up...

        I do believe it can be made to work...for a price and a lot of work...
        as is true for basically anything.

        The s14 is great engine, but i wonder if thats what you really want to use here...the evo engine will bolt right up to the 6 speed and the xtra power over a s14 can make up for added weight...its only at most 30kg heavier...

        Wouldnt it have been a better idea to start at the engine and work back?

        Anyway...good luck with it...let us know how it goes...

        If you have to have a 6spd...look for a old DTM Prodrive 6-speed tranny... That will match up to a s14 no problem...