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looking for $5900 ebay M3 w/M5 engine

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  • looking for $5900 ebay M3 w/M5 engine

    a few days ago there was a blue M3 w/M5 motor and 19 in ch wheels on ebay.
    the auction was most likely a scam but whoever's M3 it was looked very nice, and i would like to find the real owner to ask some questions about the car

    i dont expect the car to be $5,900

    does anyone know the car?


    [email protected]

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    Hey Ken, maybe you can post the link, so we can see it. :idea:


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      thanks the link to the auction is gone because the auction was stopped by ebay

      i do have a link to some of the information but i couldnt past it in this reply


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        link to $5,900 M3 scam

        hope this works



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          Chris L.

          Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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            Daaaaaaamn how do you get wheels that wide to clear?

            Looks like a scam to me.. that's a very sweet car that someone put a lot of money into.

            - Tim
            90 M3, silver of gray - sold:sosad:
            2001 M5 silverstone over black - current :smile2:
            Searching for another E30 M


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              eh. id give him 5800.
              1988 BMW M3 Sold
              1991 BMW M5


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                Looks like the same guy that put the M3 cabrio on ebay for $7000.


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                  thanks that is it!!!! now next problem

                  i sent him an emal but it was returned

                  i want to ask if for sale

                  anyone know this person?

                  very good work, had 4 or 5 other boards stumped

                  thanks again


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                    still looking for owner

                    does any one know this person?

                    or can they read the german to see if any contact information?

                    thank you


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                      Ken, let it rest, don't you get it, it is a SCAM auction.


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                        yes, you dont get it....

                        i know it is a scam, but it is a real car owned by someone that most likely didnt even know his photos had been hijacked for the auction

                        the car is listed on a german M3 web site mentioned above, and it looks as if it may be for sale, but i cant read german that well

                        this has nothing to do w/the original Ebay scam auction, but a follow up on the photos and where they originated

                        there is no way i figured the price was, is or would be $5,900 from the actual owner. but i would like to know if it is for sale and if so for what amount

                        sorry if i didnt make it clear!!!

                        i am not wanting to get ripped off or ripp someone else off