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what springs are these?

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  • what springs are these?

    bought these off a member. supposed to be h&r sports, but doesn't quite look like them. they're red and say

    rear springs:
    "H&R 1/2000"
    "H&R BMW 3/1 HA"

    front springs:
    "H&R 1/2000"
    "H&R BMW 3/1 VA"

    any idea what these are? or what the spring rates are?

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    They look dead right,over here in the UK H&R`s are red,I believe in the states they are black? Poundage wise ,look at Gustave`s site,I think they are about 185f 350-380r.



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      hmm, i thought only the race springs were red and the sports were black (it's like that for my e36). no part number either. maybe i can call h&r and ask?


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        These look like the springs i fitted to minewith a -20mm drop



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          your best bet it probably to contact H&R. I would hope that they know the answer to the rating(s) on their own product. FWIW, I bought the sport kit. 1"FR and .75" RR and they were are dark, dark navy blue color. My guess is that the red is on the race spring end but who can be certain until it's verified. :cool:


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            those look like H&R race....although my H&R race springs are red in teh front and blue in the rear.

            Id bet on those being H&R race for sure. But call H&R to be sure


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              those cant be H&R Race. They have to many coils, and the coils arent thick enough.

              H&R Sports is my guess. Dont always go by color, H&R paints springs in batches... so you can get different colored springs.

              EDIT : uh oh, care to wager a bet ADA//M we posted at the same time
              Chris L.

              Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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                my H&R Gruppe G springs are that color, but clearly look much different... i'll try and find a pic to post...
                1990 e30 m3


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                  my H&R sports were red and looked just like those. I agree with Chris, there are way too many coils on those springs to be H&R race. They are mos. def. sports IMHO.

                  My eibach comps, which are comparable to the H&R race are noticably shorter



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                    Hahaha, I am the member Marsfire bought them off. I have the original receipt which I have just sent to him confirming that they are indeed H&R sports. If anyone really wants confirmation, I would be happy to post it here.


                    Increasing the value of E30 M3's everywhere - one shunt at a time.


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                      Thanks Will.

                      I actually called H&R earlier, and they said that these are the sport springs as well, based on what information i gave them. Guess it was just a bit confusing because of the color and the fact that they didnt have the part number.


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                        BMW 3/1 designates the E30 (excl. convertible, that's 3/R) in German Department of Transport language. VA is Vorderachse, i.e. front axle /suspension, HA is Hinterachse, rear axle/suspension. 1/2000 is week and year of manufacture.
                        H&R has no paperwork to get the TUV to allow you to run those springs on an M3 E30, but that's probably just a local/German 'problem'.

                        Those springs will lower your E30 by approx. 35 mm and there are two sets. One for 4- and one for 6-cilinder engined cars. The coil thickness for 4-cilinder front springs is 12 mm, for 6-cilinder ones 12,5 mm. Easier is to look for a yellow paint marking which designates the 4-cil front springs, white marking the 6-cil front springs. the rear springs are always the same.

                        Check out the link: [] page 3 gives you the info.

                        FWIW: H&R also has blue (as blue as the frames around the messages here) springs which also lower the car by 35mm but are a so-called 'comfort setup'. At least that's what it's called in a catalogue of a german auto parts chain by the name of Stahlgruber (nothing fancy or racey)
                        THose are designated 19.01 for fr (yellow markings for 4-cil, none for 6-cil) and 19.03 for re springs. I have a set of those but never installed them. Instead I installed eibach...


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                          wow, thanks for the very thorough reply, hardtailer. that's what the woman at h&r told me. i've got the white mark on mine, so i guess i have the thicker springs, which should result in a slightly harder springrate, right?