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Spray it first ?? Or wait a bit more.

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  • Spray it first ?? Or wait a bit more.

    Say you have like $2k that you can get an uncle to paint you car (Same color).

    First; Would you get parts (Mods,Cosmetics,etc.) first then paint the car then place them on the car after its been painted.

    OR; Spray it! Then Get parts piece by piece then when you think you have most of it covered. Then put them on.

    parts first
    paint first then parts.
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    Go for the paint. Get it while you can get it, 'cause $2000 is a great price. Of course, that's as long as there are no mechanical issues that could cost you $$$$ left unattended. Just my opinion!

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      I agree, but I would buy a EVO II chin before painting first.

      Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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        Spray it

        Just have you uncle mix extra paint and keep it so you can use it for the other bits. Or do them in CF:cool:
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          How long would it take you to save up for the parts you want to add on? I would lean towards just painting that front bumper cover and then just repainting the whole thing when you get all the add-ons you want.


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            I think you should try to get your parts before painting. Also depends on how long you can use you uncles offer. Good luck. Keep us updated.


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              I have ben in this kinda spot in the past to , twice to be exact , with my first M3 i painted it first and then worryed about extras , was happy cuz i could drive it and it still looked cool , my second one i did everything at once , but then agen it never ends so you realy are never done , yes there is more of a pride to do it all at once , but if you are looking to driver the car , dont forget winter is here, id say paint it now , drive it , enjoy it and when you have all the other parts put it in the shop , freshen it up and make yourself feel you you have a new car agen .


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                usoman no mechanical issues. Im only at 80k.

                Magnus I am still undecided about the chin thing. I like it but I dont know.

                Jed as far as CF I will only do the flap of the evo3 wing and spray the CF wing itself in Diamond and I will have the spliter in CF. Thatz it as far as CF Goes.

                I use this car on the weekends when I go out. So I want it looking good. But I cant wait forever for the parts I want because its a long list.

                Uncles offer is pretty much there. But I am a clean freak and I wouldn't want to buy all these parts then install them then have all the dust sit all over the parts while at the shop. What I mean is best place is in the Box for the parts. Wether its at home or at the shop where I want to buy them from.

                Evo2Trela I constantly keep it in the garage. Its my garage queen but woudn't it be better to paint in twoards the summer?
                Finnally Powered by my ///M3
                1990 E30 M3
                1973 M2