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  • Thinking of purchasing this car...

    What do you all think would be a good price for this car? My intention would be to start club racing it in the next year or so.

    Car has been well maintained mechanically. Apperance is not show quality, but hardly beat-up.

    '88 E30 M3
    125k orig motor
    GC coilovers 550lbs/650lbs
    GC adj camber plates
    Bilstein sport shocks
    new tie rods
    new front subframe
    new engine mounts (from 740i)
    Turner subframe reinformcment (f & r)
    Turner rear shock mounts
    slotted rear control arms w/ urth bushings
    New guibo
    Super Sprint exhaust (no cat)
    Electric fan
    JC chip
    Euro airbox
    Momo achropolis seat (ds)
    Custom roll carge
    All calipers re-built
    New BMW rotors
    Bimmerworld brake duct kit
    SS brake lines
    Aluminum control arms
    UUC Short shift kit
    Shroth harnesses
    All new hoses
    All Rdline synthetic (MTL & Diff)
    Oil pan baffle
    New intake gaskets
    4 sets of wheels (2 stock, 2 aftermarket)

    Any and all thoughts appreciated...

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    This sounds like a really nice car. With all those goodies it's hard to put number on it though. It will have a lot to do with who owned the car, how well it was built and how well it was cared for.

    You may know this already, but because of where this car would be classified based on the existing mods it may need motor work to be compeditive. (I'm not an expert on club racing classification, maybe someone else can chime in here)

    It sounds like the current owner was on their way to building a nice track car, did the important suspension stuff first, then decided to sell before getting to the motor. Not a problem. But keep in mind if you plan on club racing this car, you're buying a work in progress and you should also consider the expense of finishing it off.

    My $.02
    Good luck, let us know how it goes.


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      You;d be looking at JP for BMWCCA racing (dunno about hte slotted rear arms however), and a little engine work would defintely be needed to keep up with the JP E36 325is's out there. You would also want to loose some weight most likley (A/C, sounds deadening, carpet, headliner, etc).

      Increasing the value of E30 M3's everywhere - one shunt at a time.