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Correct way to ground pins?

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  • Correct way to ground pins?

    I did a search and couldn't find anything so I decided to make a post regarding the correct way to jump/ground pins. I will want to set my base idle and my question is how I would go about actually grounding the pins on the TPS sensor connector and for how long do I need to make that ground? Do you use wire with connectors?...a paperclip? As much detail as possible would be great. I am just so sick of F'ing things up and having to go spend money...I don't want to finish this latest job then fry something or have something go wrong if you know what I mean. TIA for the support/help.

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    I just cut 3 short lengths of wire and strip the outer-sheath off both ends.

    Twist one end of each of the three wires together, and then stick the other ends in each of the three sockets on hte wiring harness.

    Once you've set the idle and are all finished adjusting things, turn off the ignition, remove the three wires and plug the connector back onto the throttle pot.

    Job done.
    Scottish Cecotto


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      Thanks for the reply....

      Isn't it kind of a pain in the ass to hold the wires so that they don' lift off of any of the the contacts? I am wondering if there are some cheap connectors that I could buy at radio shack or something? Thanks for the input!

      Oh wait....the connection is you can just stick the wire ends in. OK.....thanks, Steve!
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        What is the purpose of grounding the TPS? Can the idle be changed by turning the screw while leaving the TPS alone, or what does this do that is unfavorable?
        Bryan K.
        Texas A&M Formula SAE


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          I was actually thinking the same thing...I mean, if the car idles fine if you adjust the screw when it's running...WHY would you need to ground the TPS connection and set a base idle? I guess if somebody could share in the answer that'd be great!


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            Because you are setting the base ide. Taking the TPS out of the picture lets you do this. If you have a faulty TPS, setting the idle may not be correct. The TPS send a signal to the DME. By grounding you are telling the DME the car is at idle.

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              Then what is the point of having a TPS? Thanks!


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                By grounding the three pins of the TPS connector, you are letting the ECU know that it musn't try to readjust the idle valve when the revs change - this way you can set the idle speed correctly.

                There is a specific routine for setting the base idle ( must be on here somewhere - use the search function).
                Scottish Cecotto


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                  Follow up question. Which pins are 2 and 18? ...OR do you ground/close all three? Thanks


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                    interconnect all 3 on the connector after u pulled it off the TPS. I wrote a post on how it's done, so one can search using my nick