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  • Free tools!

    Free for me, that is. Well, they're not even really free... I have to get married to get them. :p

    My fiance and I are in the process of registering, and since she kicks ass, she's agreed that we should register for tools for the car (and house, but mostly the car). So my question for you DIY-ers who are definitely more experienced than me is - what do I get? If you were starting from scratch (for the most part), what would be the best choices?

    I saw in an old thread that Craftsman gives good bang for the buck, which is good since I'll probably be limited to Sears. I don't think the local Snap-on guy is set up for wedding registries. So keep that in mind as well. I do have some basics already - torque wrence, some sockets, etc. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    snap on make some good tools for when you need something especially for a bmw (thin walled plug socket, etc.) but craftsman is the shit because if you snap something in two pieces, you just go to sears (no receipt or anything) and claim warranty on it. they hand you a brand new tool right then and there, cant beat that.

    as for tools:

    Compressor/air ratchet w/ good set of metric drivers
    good socket set
    breaker bar :p
    torque wrench (dont go cheap on this)
    some vaccuum reading tools
    hydraulic floor jack
    jack stands
    nice flourescent (sp) trouble light


    those would be some good basics, i dunno HTH
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