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F1 Frustrating this year, or What?

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  • F1 Frustrating this year, or What?

    Man, has it been tough to watch... From the Force India guys taking each other out, Verstappen having 5 DNF's, Ricardo not knowing how to act like he's won before (shoe-champagne), and Hamilton's faux sheepishness making Vettel look like a bully. Also, if we have to wait 10 minutes whilst Hamilton primps and styles his hair prior to acknowledging his fellow podium counterparts, I will have to "harsh" on him...

    I just want it to be more competitive.

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :

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    It's race to race. I feel badly for Verstappen as he has been the most interesting racer to watch since last year. He has no fear and isn't afraid to take chances --

    I don't get the shoey thing from Ricciardo, once is one thing but is this going to happen every time he wins? Hamilton played that collision with Vettel well. I don't know what really happened there but something happened that really pissed Vettel off. It's one thing to bitch on the radio, but he went at Hamilton, those two are going to have some hard nosed racing to finish the seaon, and we're getting into a string of tracks Hamilton always does well at, so he'll catch up in points I think.

    The cars are faster, but the only way for them to make it for competitive is to standardize and that's not what F1 has ever been about and probably never will be. As good as it would be for viewers, I just don't see it turning into one of those series


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      There are 2 teams challenging for the top spot this year (barely). It says something about the sport when that is the most competitive it's been in a while. Still much of the passing is related to DRS or pit strategy. Every year it is the same thing... too much aero and not enough mechanical grip.

      The driver talent also seems to have very little to do with the overall result. Put Hamilton in a Williams and he would be no less a back marker the Botas was last season. F1 is a tech focused series so I get that to a certain degree. Yet the teams are prevented from freely innovating as they go to curb costs. Grid penalties for mechanical failures. Again makes for contrived mixing of the grid and enduro style "competition".

      I was never a fan of Hamilton. So arrogant and top of the world when he is winning. But be gentle with him and give him his personal space when he is not. All that complaining on the radio from the drivers (not just Hamilton) about "Do you believe what that other guy just did!" in the hope of getting the sterwards to penalize another driver. They are the motorsports equivalent of soccer players rolling on the turf. Just get on with it and out drive the other guy.



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        Verstappen is very interesting. He's very talented and could've been 1 or 2 by now, Bottas has a personalty of a lead balloon (publicly), which is not a sellable story-line.. I wouldn't mind if he takes the whole thing.

        It is a very technological series, which I enjoy, but as you say (Geo) DRS and penalties for mechanical issues are ridiculous. I'd love to see all teams forced to have the exact same hp and torq specs, but be able fully customize the architectural specs, and aero packages. Let's see how the British Grand Prix goes.

        I'm also going to watch the Formula E series this Sunday on FoxSports. It's in Brooklyn, NYC. BMW says that they're going to participate in season 5.

        Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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          Well itís 2018 and itís still frustrating but for other reasons. I just watched the qualifying session for the Australian GP and the announcers are just not anything like the Lee Giffey, David Hobbs & Steve Matchett crew...actually, itís horrible! And the channel selection is minimal. My recording of qualifying ended after 1 hour before Q3 even started....idiots!

          Someone needs to resurrect the Speedvision Network and cover all Racing non stop! Coverage these days is deplorable!

          Then thereís the halos on the F1 cars this year...donít even get me started!


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            The halos are ugly for sure. What gets me is the in car footage I saw in practice was totally being blocked by the halo. Seemed ridiculous. Windscreen was a more attractive option

            i just want good racing this year, would love to see someone challenge Lewis til the last race.


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              Well, true to form the tv coverage for the pre-race was took them most of the 1/2 hr to get things working....must have their rookie technical crew working.

              The race was pretty good however, with Vettel coming out on top given some lucky circumstances! Kimi did well also (3rd)...Hamilton 2nd, and he was rather gracious given the circumstances of being passed from Vettel being in the pits during the Virtual Safety Car period.

              Ferraris are fast this year..and so is Haas! They just need to get their pit crew up to snuff...they destroyed the chances of both cars today!...some heads will roll probably.


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                Felt awful for Haas. Vettel ended up with the win but Hamiltoníís pace is undeniable. I doníít like to admit it but my gut feel is that Hamilton will take the title this year, barring any nightmares beyond his control.
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                  Yeah that tv coverage pissed me off almost as much as the bad luck haas had
                  but hamilton has it this year he always has 2/3 team mistakes every year I think he will win his 5th