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ecs changed forever.

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  • ecs changed forever.

    my friends, I'm the nicest person in the world. have a track record of ordering every month from ecs. spend lots of $ on my beloveds. ecs is different. something has changed there to me. have been patient and yet repeatedly let down. peace, out forever with me and ecs.
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    I have never liked them, frankly. So I understand what you are saying.


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      Yup. Repeatedly let down. Have started giving the dealer more of my business. With a good discount and none of the headache factor it is much easier, if not always cheaper.
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        I appreciate ECS for the quality of their website - for most parts they have thorough, helpful photos and competitive pricing. I've ordered many things from them without problem, and I found that their customer service helped me to rectify one instance where I received a part that had the correct part number labeled but wasn't actually the correct part. My biggest gripe is that the free shipping on $200+ orders is extremely leisurely. That said, I've found that the parts guy at my local dealer will match their prices (if I don't mind paying tax) and I get the item in two days instead. I have also had success with Pelican for smaller orders - good shipping rate and quick delivery.

        I understand that others have had instances where ECS lists something as in stock or arriving shortly, but then it just drags on and on. Is that the same experience that you guys have had?
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          Originally posted by Konig View Post
          I understand that others have had instances where ECS lists something as in stock or arriving shortly, but then it just drags on and on. Is that the same experience that you guys have had?
          That is exactly my complaint....their "estimates" on the availability/ETA of parts are invariably not only wrong, they are disingenuous. The quickest I have ever gotten anything from ECS has been about two weeks....and that includes items that were shown on their website as immediately available. In this day and age I think two weeks is a very long time. I generally don't even hear if the part is available at all until about 4 or 5 business days after the order is placed. BS.

          Even if I don't need the part right away, waiting endlessly for know...keeping track of the communications and making sure it eventually a PITA and I would rather have the delay as brief as reasonably possible.

          As you said, my dealer will more or less match ECS prices and get me any available part in about two days.

          This is not just ECS by the way, and not just online retailers of BMW parts. All these online OEM parts "distributors" do is order the part for you from their chosen dealer, then leisurely ship it to you once they get it. I would wager a large sum that most of them stock nothing at all....

          Why not just cut out the middleman and use the dealer?
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            I've had pretty good dealings with ECS tuning, but I find FCPEuro to be significantly better. Where I live in NC I can order something with free shipping and get it two days later as soon as it ships. They also offer free shipping at $49+ an order. I don't think they have a limit and they have lifetime warranty on EVERYTHING, even oil. They supply OEM and OE parts for european brand. i only use ECS for pictures or if FCPEuro or another site doesn't have what I'm looking for.
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              I dont trust ECS at all anymore. Last time I placed an order for my Ti for the clutch job, at least three things were wrong and it took forever for it to arrive.
              I don't even go there to compare pricing because I don't trust them enough to order from them and since they now own Turner I don't go there anymore either.

              I have yet to try FCP, but people do say good things about them.

              Honestly, I have been buying a lot of what I need from an Ebay Store called PartsContainer [ ]
              I think their actual facility is in Nashville. Their pricing is great and they have been lightning fast with shipping. Only real name brand parts (well thats what I ordered and what I ordered I received).
              I found them Google searching for a Bosch brand WBO2 replacement sensor and their price was great, way better than anyone else's. Then I started looking at them for other Bosch things and similar results. They have become my new go to for service parts.
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                I like FCP Groton too, bought a lot from them when I had my volvo wagon daily driver. I buy stuff for regular street applications from them and have good luck with simple parts like brakes, suspension parts, etc.


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                  Well... ordered from ecs again and had a great experience. Guess it all comes down to people, not paper. Connected with ecs employee that has some old school knowledge and compassion and now on my second order. So... green light again, for me
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