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E30/E36 Full Turbo Swap (Motor, Trans, Custom Turbo Setup)

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  • E30/E36 Full Turbo Swap (Motor, Trans, Custom Turbo Setup)

    All of the bottom end machine work and assembly was performed by PER Race Engines in Chicago, IL

    Motor has about 1500 miles on it

    -S52 Block Thermally Cleaned, Decked (0.008"), Magnafluxed, Bored/Honed to 87mm, O-Ring'ed with SS, Freeze Plugs Replaced and Painted Black.
    -S52 Crank Micropolished and Balanced (Main Bearing Clearances 0.0017"-0.0020" and 0.004" of Axial End Play
    -Wiseco 8.5:1 87mm Pistons with Coated Skirts (Final Protrusion Above Deck 0.030", Top Ring Gap 0.017", Bottom Ring Gap 0.020", Piston to Wall 0.0035", Piston to Pin 0.0005")
    -Molnar Technologies 135mm Forged Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts (Rod Bearing Clearances 0.0023" - 0.0025")
    -ARP Main Stud/Bolt Kits (201-5000)
    -Stewart High Flow Water Pump with ECS Tuning Aluminum Water Pump Pulley (Replaces the Factory plastic part that can explode)
    -Head: Ferrea valves, springs, VAC Turbo cams. Gasket. All new chains, guides, etc. ARP Head bolts.
    -Misc Items:New OEM Glyco main and rod bearings, New OEM Oil Squirters, New Crank Bolt and Woodruff Keys, New OEM Elring Bottom end gasket set, New OEM Timing chain and oil pump chain, New OEM Timing chain guides, Used OBDII Metal coolant pipe with new o-rings, Used OEM S52 oil filter housing with new gasket
    -OEM E34 Oil Pan with AN fitting for turbo oil return (has hole on side of pan from removal, can be welded up)
    -M50 Intake Manifold
    -42 Draft Designs Oil Catch Can
    -DTAfast S80 Pro ECU (Stand Alone Engine Management)

    -E36 M3 5-speed (unknown actual mileage. no issues)
    -Forget which flywheel/clutch, but it held perfectly fine at 552whp.

    Turbo Items:

    -666 Fabrication tubular top mount manifold with EGT bung
    -GT3582R Turbocharger (Powder-coated cold side and a jet coated hot side)
    -Tial 38mm wastegate (vented to atmosphere)
    -Tial 50mm Blow off valve
    -Full 3" stainless steel exhaust to a Borla muffler. (v-band connections)
    -DTA S80 standalone engine management
    -Turner Ignition coils (x6)
    -XS Fuel Pressure Regulator
    -Manual Boost Controller
    -Ross Machining fuel rail
    -Inter-cooler with Adel Wiggin connections (x4)
    -Injectors (old style. I'd suggest installing new)
    -All piping tig welded then powder-coated (Aluminum and Stainless Steel)
    -42 Draft Designs oil catch can
    -Various fittings/lines.
    -Front Mount Intercooler


    May separate motor and trans from turbo setup, but would like a package deal.

    Message with interest on parts.

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    Forum rules state this place is for e30 m3 related parts only. Like S14 motor...