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Anyone here own a 1-Series?

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  • Anyone here own a 1-Series?

    Considering a 135i M Sport with an N55 (single twin-scroll turbo).

    Definitely appreciate any comments on ownership, driving dynamics, etc.

    Is it too fast to be fun? Y’know, the “driving a slow car fast” thing...

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    I drove my e30 M3 and a 1M on sone twisty roads last weekend. The 1M (basically the same motor with more power) was very fast. It was hard to work the gears with so much power. I have an X3 M Sport with the 3.5. It is also very fast.

    I like my e90 with the 2.8 six calendar and six speed manual and upgraded suspension a lot on the back roads. Fun to drive and you can work the gears a bit. You will however lose every drag race if you don’t have the 3.5. Depends what you want.


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      I test drove a 135i with DCT and JB4, super quick and addictive. I will admit turbo power and launch control is very fun.

      I ended up getting a e46 M3 as they are at similar price points, it was just better in every regard (other than straight line speed) and felt special.

      Neither car can compare to the e30 M3, it just handles better.