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    I sold my e46 M3. I loved the sound, but they are expensive cars to maintain when high mileage and SMG. Many parts could fail over time with the SMG Pump, or Gear Position Sensor which are not cheap.

    If it was a manual, I would have kept it.

    It was an ok daily, but you really had to rev it out to get the most as per most N/A.

    Moved on to the F series generation and wont miss the e46 platform, it felt so dated.


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      I really like my e46 m3 and to me it feels like the perfect next step from an e30 that an e36 never filled for me. I have an '06 comp package and I like everything about it, even the SMG (I had the software flashed like week 3 of ownership).


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        Originally posted by jimmy p. View Post
        I was a very potential player in this game, I bought an E46 Touring to introduce myself to the E46 package at a lower price point.
        I enjoyed the car alot, it was outfitted perfectly for a Touring, 2WD, Sport pack, well taken care of, I did a few minor mods to make it even a little better (Bilsteins, M3 steering wheel) but I have to say the shine quickly wore off. I sold it late last year.
        I love looking at E46M3s, I think the bulgy fenders are sexy as hell. I really like the S54. I have instructed in lots of them and boy are they capable on track pretty much right out of the box.

        I think one would make a blast as a race car, but as a street car after burying myself in the E46 Fanatics website, MAN o MAN does the E46 platform seem to be fraught with issues.
        All you read about is problems. Lots and lots of problems. They seem to have all the issues of the E36+++.
        The guys who know the cars well also know all the fixes and issues, they are very well documented, and the owners are super helpful in keeping fellow E46-ers up and running but wow they are a complex beast. And at their age I think its only going to get worse.
        Not sure if I am overreacting but it sure seems that the E46 platform has lots of flaws at the genetic level from the perspective of a stock-ish street car.
        When fully prepped for track / race duty they seem to do a little (alot) better.
        gotta agree with Jimmy. we had identical experience. i have had an e46 touring for 18years and 160k miles as a daily driver. the e46 platform is a maintenance nightmare. it is not the "last of the analog BMW's". that was the E36. the E46 was the first stab at the computer BMW's. fly by (crappy) wiring. when they are running, they are nice, won't be along before all the freshman body electronics modules start crapping out and immobilizing them. they may have a shine now, but i just don't see them being a viable long term value. way too many made and way too many technical complexities.

        the generations of M's beyond the E46 will hold their value.....until the warrantee expires....
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