Its about time I regretfully tell you guys I sold the M3 last week, to a member on the board, who will love it with all his heart. I had the opportunity to drive an e36 M3 sedan a few weeks ago and fell in love with the torque, the four doors, the immacculate paint, and the fact that it would cost me 800 dollars to buy it (after selling mine). So after the hardest decision I have ever made (come on im only 22) I sold.

I will be back, and since my friend bought the car, i'll be able to drive it and see it every now and then, I will see you all in NYC on the 14th as I need to drive the car to the meet Magnus is putting on.

Thanks for understanding. I'll still be around surfing the boards and reading the off topic, you guys are all stand up for the help and info I found/learned along the time of ownership.

You will be missed...